10 Years in the Making

Our Proprietary System

The Perfect Stack

We have developed an enormous amount of code. This has enabled us to merge previously dispersed research and data into a single, efficient system.

200+ Internal SOP's

We have developed over 200 Standard Operating Procedures. We can set up and ramp up accounts in days, which would take most organizations months.

20 Million Calls + Emails

We have extensive experience in omni-channel outreach, we have personally made more than 10 million phone calls and sent an equal number of emails.

Our Process

We successfully deploy new client campaigns in a matter of days due to our proven, streamlined approach. Our proprietary process has yielded over 125,000 booked appointments for our clients.

Phase One

Account Onboarding

We collect the client's present strategy, idetify goals and create a plan of action.

Phase Two

Data Preparation

We perform necessary research, identify your ideal customer profile then compile the necessary data.

Phase Three

Offer Creation

Our expert copywriters craft up an irresistible offer with powerful messaging.

Phase Four

Adjust and Scale

We adjust your campaign in real time enabling us to scale positive results.

120 Appointments/month
"We're booking 5 to 6 appointments every single day."

The Axle Workout hired centergrowth to help them transition from a b2c company to a b2b-only business. Numerous obstacles had to be overcome, including a complete business model revision that resulted in an increase in LTV of over 400%.

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axle workout founder testimonial

Andrew Page
CEO @Axle Workout

1,065 Appointments in 6 months
"Centergrowth booked over 480 appointments in 3 months directly onto our calendar."

Eurasian Capital was facing a number of difficulties as they tried to increase their top-of-funnel sales activity. They can only function with top-notch appointments (the majority of the time, funding has been successfully raised), but Centergrowth was consistently able to attract high-quality appointments from the beginning.

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ecap partner testimonial

Jeff Stone
Partner @Eurasian Capital

240 Appointments/month
"We're booking 15 appointments every single day for over 6 months straight."

Feature My Brand assists company owners in becoming featured on NBC, FOX, CBS, and hundreds of other reputable websites. This boosts a company's social proof and helps increase their online conversion rates by up to 48%.

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feature my brand testimonial

Jessica Bier
Marketing Director
@Feature My Brand

40 Appointments/month
"We're booking 1 to 2 appointments every single day."

COMING SOON- Bennys hired centergrowth to build out and scale their business-to-business commercial services division. One challenge that became immediately apparent to us when we started working with Bennys is the need to limit our operations to a small geographic area.

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Bennys partner testimonial

Brandon Wood
Partner @Bennys

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Appointment Setting

Qualified sales appointments with your ideal targets

Our appointment setting services are tailored to the specific needs of each business and can be customized to achieve your specific business goals.

If you're looking to take your business to the next level, contact us today to learn more about how our proprietary appointment setting services can help you achieve your growth objectives.

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