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February 2022

CASE STUDY: Feature My Brand

Feature My Brand assists company owners in becoming featured on NBC, FOX, CBS, and hundreds of other reputable websites. This boosts a company's social proof and helps increase their online conversion rates by up to 48%.

The Problem

Feature My Brand was facing some sluggish periods in its business operations over the course of the year. The company aimed to achieve two objectives with centergrowth: firstly, to determine its most profitable niche, and secondly, to tackle the 3-4 monthly slowdowns it experienced annually.

The Solution

Our goal at Centergrowth was to pinpoint a specific challenge within a particular niche that FMB could solve. FMB's services provide two benefits to business owners - the ability to showcase major outlet logos on their websites, thereby enhancing their credibility, and the promotion of their business across 500 websites. Our task was to determine which of these two benefits was of greater importance to prospective clients.


Once published, businesses can post these logos on their Website, Social Media, Advertisements, even Company Vehicles.

If FMB wanted us to uncover specific a niche with a major pain point, seeking Feature My Brand's help, we knew immediately how to approach this situation. This would require us to conduct extensive split testing. This would entail creating multiple campaigns with distinct messaging and evaluating their performance. When in doubt, split testing cures all.

Despite having a full workload, we had one final suggestion to present to the FMB team. We proposed to Jessica, the Marketing Director, that we believed we could establish a substantial white-label business using FMB's services. Our thought was that there would be numerous digital and social media agencies that would be eager to sell this exceptional, unique service to their clients. After discussing with her team, Jessica concluded that it was worth exploring this opportunity.

With these challenges defined, we created a plan of action and got started.

Centergrowth to-do list:

Split Up Niches- Segment multiple niches into different campaigns.
Messaging- Develop unique messaging for each campaign for split testing purposes.
Bundling- Develop packages that provide incentives for customers to purchase five press releases at once.
CRM- Setup and integrate Customer Relationship Management software.
Create Partner Program- Develop a partner program to enable resellers to offer the service under their own branding.
Automations- Help Feature My Brand automate their internal processes.
Outreach- Start aggressive outreach.

By including logos of major news outlets on a business's website, they can experience a significant boost in conversions.


Testing Niches

Centergrowth and Feature My Brand sat down to discuss possible niches to target in order to create custom pitches. Amongst these niches decided were:

• Small Businesses (Bakeries, Contractors, Hair Salons, etc.)
• Real Estate Agents
• Technology Companies
• Direct Response Products (Low cost, mass market products)
• Ecommerce

Having selected our target niches, we crafted tailored messaging for each and launched targeted campaigns with intensive outreach. The responses came in rapidly, allowing us to gather data quickly. It soon became apparent that some niches were not going to be viable, due to a lack of interest or pushback from potential customers. Brick and mortar businesses failed almost instantly, they did not recognize the value of FMB's service. However, a turning point occurred when FMB closed two deals in the same niche in one day. This was a defining moment for us, as we began to realize the potential of the ecom business sector. It seemed that they were not looking for more press coverage or traffic, but were instead interested in incorporating the logos of major news outlets on their website to improve their conversion rates.

After revisiting our strategy, we revised our value proposition for e-commerce brands in our outreach messaging and began our outreach efforts once again. The results were outstanding - we secured 10 appointments on the first day and 15 more the following day. Our efforts paid off as we successfully addressed one major issue by precisely targeting the audience that showed a strong interest in our product.

Onto our next problem...


The major challenge faced by Feature My Brand was a widespread issue amongst many organizations - a low Customer Lifetime Value (LTV). With a low price point of under $1,000, it was difficult for the company to generate a significant profit. Our team suggested a solution - to sell multiple products in one package and offer a discount, which would increase revenue without altering the product. The company then conducted several split tests, experimenting with different sales scripts, until they found success in closing larger deals. The $2,997 price point proved to be a hit, resulting in a staggering +300% increase in Customer Lifetime Value!

Increase in Customer Life Time Value
Appointments Booked Per Month

"Centergrowth has effectively tackled challenges within our company that we were previously unaware of. With an additional 50 demos per week, our experience with Centergrowth has been nothing short of remarkable. We plan to maintain a long-lasting relationship with them.”

fmb testimonial

Jessica Bier
Marketing Manager @ Feature My Brand

Build White Label Program + Recruit Partners

Things were looking up for FMB as success was within reach. However, we saw a significant untapped opportunity to further expand our reach. Our goal was to create a partner program that would allow resellers to offer our services under their own branding.

Our target market, who could resell their services to their customers, was already known to us:

Digital Marketing Agencies- Large pool of potential customers, most likely not been offered a similar opportunity.
Social Media Marketing Agencies- Always seeking ways to add more value for their clients.

We were excited...

The response from agency owners was immediate and positive, with most simply saying, "Yes, I'd love to talk." This response rate was one of the highest we had ever seen. FMB quickly took advantage of these warm leads, calling them without scheduling demos, and the agencies were ready to get started. After finding a price point that allowed FMB to make a profit while enabling their partners to earn money easily, things started to move at a rapid pace.

In just two weeks, FMB signed on 10 partners, with three of them bringing in deals within the first two weeks. This was a significant accomplishment. These deals closed quickly because the partners, who were agencies, already had a relationship with their customers, eliminating the need for any convincing or educating. Their customers already trusted them, providing FMB with an amazing opportunity to benefit from fast sales from their partners. Every week, FMB is building new re-seller partnerships, diversifying their business, and ultimately providing greater financial security for their future.

Why Feature My Brand Succeeded

Open to Change- FMB was receptive to all of our suggestions, recognizing that although they were already performing well, there was still room for improvement.
Fast Communication- FMB put forth a lot of effort and was not hesitant to quickly reach back out to their prospects and white label re-seller partners over the phone.
Flexible Sales Script- Faced with the need to adjust their pricing model and integrate product bundling, FMB quickly created and utilized numerous split testing sales scripts, wasting no time to get the job done.
Eager to Grow- Working with optimistic and ambitious people is always refreshing, and that's exactly what the team at FMB embodied. They were a pleasure to work with, putting in the repetitions, long hours, and pivoting on demand, all with the goal of achieving growth by any means.

Recap of accomplishments with FMB:

• Identified their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
• Developed Bundled Product Packages
• Increased Customer Life Time Value +295%
• Developed White Label Partnership Program
• Securing over 220+ appointments per month

and much more.

Feature My Brand's Future

Feature My Brand underwent extensive modifications in nearly all aspects of their business. With a solid foundation in place, Centergrowth was able to fuel the fire, resulting in record-high profits, unprecedented revenue growth, explosive expansion, and the launch of a new re-seller partnership program, setting the stage for a bright future to Feature My Brand.

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